Global Health

The global sentiment towards medicinal cannabis is changing with an increasing number of governments approving and/or changing legislation to enable patients to legally gain access to medicinal cannabis products.

Medicinal cannabis use has been approved in over 30 countries, with Europe as one of the leaders in medicinal cannabis legalisation and access. The forecast medicinal cannabis market value for Europe by 2028 is €55.2b and the total cannabis market value for Europe by 2028 is €115.7b1.

There is significant clinical evidence demonstrating the benefits of medicinal cannabis in respect to the treatment of various ailments, but there is still a great deal to learn about cannabis. Medicinal cannabis research projects and clinical trials have proliferated worldwide.

With the change of mentalities, a shift has been slowly happening and new trends regarding medicinal cannabis have emerged, and one must be ahead of the game.

1 The European Cannabis ReportTM – 3rd Edition, Prohibition Partners, July 2018