RPK BioPharma Lda.RPK BioPharma Lda.

RPK Biopharma is a licensed producer of Medicinal Cannabis in Europe with both indoor and outdoor facilities approved. Based in Portugal, RPK has been approved to cultivate Medicinal Cannabis on its 650,000m2 outdoor cultivation site and in addition its 30,000m2 indoor facility, which is currently working its way through the construction planning procedure with local government. This project has been fast tracked due to RPK’s cooperation with the Portuguese Government, and in addition the approval of the company and project as a “Project of National Interest” by the Portuguese Government.

RPK has applied for a second licence in this new R&D and cultivation facility located next to Lisbon, where it will develop both new cannabis plants and new product applications. This facility will be authorized for Cultivation, Manufacturing, R&D, GMP and Distribution (including Export and Import) and all under one roof.

Portugal has released its legislation allowing for the supply of Medicinal Cannabis products, which in turn will give RPK first mover advantage. RPK have distribution agreements with both Polish and German large distributors where it has already taken steps to register its products in Europe to allow ease access to its GMP produced Buds and Oils.

RPK has set its sights on becoming the largest producer of both Medicinal Cannabis and API & final products within Europe.

RPK Biopharma’s facilities include a 650,000m2 outdoor cultivation area and a total indoor cultivation area of 30,000m2 with a GMP manufacturing facility at 4,500m2 and a R&D area of 2,000m2 including laboratories.

TCann Pty Ltd.TCann Pty Ltd.

TCann is a GMP licensed Medicinal Cannabis company based in Sydney, Australia, that gathers more than 40 years of experience in both Pharmacy and Healthcare and applies it to produce pharmaceutical-grade, standardized medicinal cannabis for patients in need.

Committed to research and innovation, TCann works in close contact with teams of scientists in order to contribute to the growing body of evidence based research regarding the use and effectiveness of medicinal cannabis.

TCann has been distributing Medicinal Cannabis products in Australia and is building on the access to market with its focus on being in full production by march of 2019.

Australia is changing, access is becoming less difficult and together with our teams TCann are ensuring access training is reaching both patients and doctors which is opening the market and allowing TCann to grow.